Side Arm with Baby Pin & Receiver

Another new entry to Kupo USA’s line of grip gear is the Side Arm with Baby Pin & Receiver. This arm is designed for smaller diameter riser sections 1.25-1.50″ (31-38cm) such as C-Stands. This side arm allows you to mount a light fixture anywhere along the riser section in just seconds, perfect for when you want to mount your light fixture lower than the height of the light stand itself. It also helps you save space and expense by allowing you to mount multiple light fixtures onto the same light stand. This is particularly useful when you need multiple fixtures to light a tall background evenly. It features a baby 5/8″ (16mm) stud on top and directly below a baby receiver to give you multiple mounting options. It is 19.5″ (50cm) in length to give you ample clearance to mount your light fixture or accessory away from the riser position. The arm features steel square tubing that is rigid and won’t flex under load.

KG809012 Side Arm with Baby Pin & Receiver

Side Arm with Baby Pin/Receiver (KG809012)

KG809012 Monolight Side Arm with Baby Pin & Receiver

Side Arm with Baby Pin/Receiver on C-Stand Riser

KG809012 MonolightFlag Side Arm with Baby Pin & Receiver

Side Arm with Baby Pin/Receiver Supporting Silk in Front of Strobe




HD Monitor Adapters

Kupo Heavy Duty Monitor Adapters are in stock and ready to ship!

HD Monitor Adapters are designed to mount your production monitor with confidence virtually anywhere. Our HD Monitor Adapters are rock solid with a load capacity of 17 lbs. They feature two adjustable metal handles that allow you to individually control both tilt and pan. The mounting plate is a standard VESA 3 x 3″ (75 x 75mm) with a black steel step-up plate to the larger VESA 4 x 4″ (100 x 100mm) mount that comes with hardware for quick installation. The HD Monitor Adapters come in two models:

Monitor Adapter with Hex Baby Pin – KG010312

This adapter allows you to mount your monitor to a versatile Convi Clamp or Super Viser Clamp to give you more mounting flexibility.

KG010312 HD Monitor Adapters

Monitor Adapter with Baby Hex Stud – (KG010412)

KG010312 ConviClamp HD Monitor Adapters

Monitor Adapter with Baby Hex Stud – (KG010412)


Monitor Adapter with Baby Receiver (KG010412)

This adapter allows you to mount your monitor on any light stand or accessory featuring a baby stud.

KG010412 BabyStud HD Monitor Adapters

Monitor Adapter with Baby Receiver (KG010412)

KG010412 SuperViser HD Monitor Adapters

Monitor Adapter with Baby Receiver & Super Viser (KG010412)

KG010412 ConviClamp HD Monitor Adapters

Monitor Adapter with Baby Receiver (KG010412)

You can use these strong handy adapters on location, in studio, or even in your bedroom. Who needs a bulky monitor mount if you have a modern lightweight monitor or television!

Kupo Grip – Never Let Go!




Baby Wall Plates

The Kupo Baby Wall Plates allow you to mount a baby 5/8” (16mm) stud anywhere on a wall, other flat surface or just about anywhere. This plate gives you the option of semi-permanent attachment by screwing or nailing the base plate through any of the 8 anchor points drilled into the plate.  Attached to a wood or metal base, they make great free-standing floor mounts, also known as “pigeon” plates, or positioned anywhere clamped between the discs of a grip head. This adapter comes in a chrome plated steel finish.

Standard Baby Plates

Our standard Baby Wall Plates come with baby studs in three different lengths, 3″, 6″ & 9″ depending upon how much distance you want from where it’s mounted.

KG003512 Master Baby Wall Plates

3″ Baby Wall Plate (KG003512)


KG008212 Baby Wall Plates

6″ Baby Plate (KG008212)


KG008112 Baby Wall Plates

9″ Baby Plate (KG008112)

Right Angle Baby Wall Plate

The Right Angle Baby Plate is a 6″ Baby Plate with a bend placing the stud vertically as opposed to horizontally. This places the yoke under the light fixture as it would be when mounting upon a light stand and gives you a bit more flexibility in terms of how the fixture is angled.

KG008012 Baby Wall Plates

Right Angle Baby Plate (KG008012)


Baby Wall Plate with EZ Grip Finger

Sometimes you need to cheat the angle of your light fixture or accessory towards a certain direction. That’s precisely what the Baby Plate with EZ Grip Finger allows you to do. With a large solid steel, ball and socket joint and clamping handle, you can quickly reposition your light fixture or accessory wherever you choose and tighten the handle down to lock it firmly into position.


KG301012 Baby Wall Plates

Baby Plate with EZ Grip Finger (KG301012)


Check out the video below to see how it is used as a pigeon plate as well as some other applications for such a handy piece of grip equipment.

Visit the product page for more information and specifications.


Why You Need C-Stands

DSC0043 Why You Need C Stands

C-Stand Tops with Brake Castings

Century Stands, or C-Stands as they are most commonly called, are the quintessential multi-tasker when it comes to a piece of grip equipment that can be used for so many applications that are only limited by the imagination of the user!

C-Stands get their name go back to the pre-electric days of film production where the studios would use rotating stages to utilize the daylight coming from above and redirect it with large 100″ “century” sized reflectors to redirect the light where it was needed.

C-Stands are have a unique base where their three legs are each a different height. This enables you to place two stands just inches away from another to allow you to place lights and or accessories in close proximity to one another. Other lightstands with angled legs are really limited to how close they can get to one another. This ability to place one right next to the other is sometimes referred to as “soldiering” as soldiers would line up in formation.

DSC0091 535x350 Why You Need C Stands

The Famous Kupo Turtle Base

Their are two types of C-Stands, Turtle Base & Sliding Leg. Turtle Base stands allow you to remove the riser section for easy transportation, storage and the ability to place light fixtures, modifiers and accessories at super low mounting positions just above the base.

KS742712 Detail 15 Riser Above Base 259x350 Why You Need C Stands

Riser Section and Standard Turtle Base

Sliding Leg stands allow you to alter the height of one leg to help you level your stand on inclines, stairs, or uneven surfaces.

KS702412 Detail 03 Sliding Leg V2 228x350 Why You Need C Stands

Master C Stand with Sliding Leg

This is not your daddy’s c-stand! Anybody who’s tried to open or close a c-stand may have had some difficulty, especially if they are not well maintained. Professional grips do this day in and day out and make it look simple. Kupo has come up with an ingenious solution to open or close our turtle base models in under a second! Check out this video!

Their height are described by the length of the riser section. C-Stands come in either 20″ or 40″ double riser models. Just triple the number (the main riser section plus the two adjustable riser sections) and add the base height to get an idea of their total height.

Obviously these stands can hold lighting fixtures, but with standard accessories such as Grip Head & Grip Arm, these stands become:

  • Reflector Holders
  • Background Holders
  • Gobo Holders
  • Prop Holders
  • Camera Support
  • And a whole lot more!

Other advantages of c-stands besides the ability to “soldier” up next to other and their awesome multi-tasking flexibility are:

  • They are made of solid steel, won’t fall apart and will last you for decades!
  • They can hold more weight than light weight aluminum kit stands.
  • They won’t crush or bend like aluminum stands will.
  • For Turtle Base models, the base removes for easy transport and storage as well as you can mount adapters directly into the base for low mounting positions.

Some grips joke that c-stands got their name because it will take a century to learn all the ways to use one. Buy one (or several) today and you’ll have a reliable multi-tasker that will serve all your imaging needs until your c-stand develops a history all its own!



Kupo June Promotion

Hey Kupo Kompadres,

For the Kupo June Promotion, we have a sizzling hot deal for the beginning of summer!

JUNE 2014 PROMO Kupo June Promotion

Between June 1, 2014 and July 31, 2014, customers will receive a free Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle – Black (KG701511), a $23.75 value, with the purchase of a Kupo Max Arm with Hand Wheel (KG100911). This promotion is consumer only and does not apply to dealer purchases.

Kupo Grip’s Convi Clamp System from Kupo Grip on Vimeo.

The Max Arm is an adjustable arm that allows you to position a camera, lighting fixture or accessory in any position within seconds!


The two 5/8″ (16mm) studs at either end are attached to ball joints that rotate 360 degrees, plus a cut-out in the sleeve surrounding the ball allows the stud to be bent 90 degrees. One stud is tapped to receive a 3/8″-16 thread, while the other is tapped to receive a 1/4″-20 thread. Each stud has six milled flat surfaces, so whatever you mount on the Max Arm will not rotate. The central elbow rotates 360 degrees for infinite adjustability.

The Max Arm is equipped with user-replaceable special friction discs with anti-slip rosettes prevent unwanted movement. The large rubberized hand wheel slowly increases tension until all three joints lock at once making precise positioning a breeze.


The Convi Clamp is more than just an amazing clamp, it’s the foundation of an entire grip system. The all-metal Convi Clamp is made from a lightweight alloy that will support loads of up to 44 lbs (20 Kg)! It features a hexagonal receiver that accepts dozens of Convi accessories from a simple stud to the versatile Max Arm to mount almost any light fixture, camera or accessory. The receiver features a spring locking safety system to ensure that the Convi accessory won’t separate from the clamp if the locking screw loosens unexpectedly. The Convi Clamp has a jaw that will extend from 0.2″ – 2.0″ (5 – 51mm) in diameter. It also features a saddle to securely mount it on flat surfaces. This clamp has a ratcheted handle that allows you to reposition it should you not have clearance to rotate the handle in a complete circle to tighten or loosen it.