40″ Hex Grip Arm with Big Handle


Have you ever tried to use a grip arm as a mini boom by mounting a light fixture at the end of it, only to find gravity pulling it downwards because the set screw wasn’t strong to hold up its weight? We’ll now there’s a simple solution.

Kupo just introduced an exciting innovation in grip arm design. At the end of our 40″ grip arm, you will find a baby hex pin with six milled flat surfaces. So now you can mount your light fixtures or accessories on the end of your grip arm like a mini boom and they won’t rotate due to the set-screw of that fixture or accessory, locking onto one of the sides of the hex pin.

40" Grip Arm with Hex Pin - KG203711

40″ Grip Arm with Hex Pin – KG203711


Hex Pin Detail

Hex Pin Detail


Milled Flat Detail

Set-screw tightened against one of the milled flats so it won’t rotate.


40" Hex Grip Arm in Action

40″ Hex Grip Arm Supporting a 1K Fresnel.

Silver 40″ Grip Arm with Big Handle – KG203711

Black 40″ Grip Arm with Big Handle – KG203612

The 40″ Hex Grip Arm with Big Handle is a 2 1/2″ Grip Head mounted on the end of a 40″ steel bar 5/8″ (16mm) in diameter that is painstakingly machined to create a rough non-slip surface. At the end is a hex pin with six milled flats. The 40″ Hex Grip Arm is available in both machined silver and a stealthy black powder coat. Below you will find more information and technical specifications.

Length: 42.75 in / 108.59 cm
Width: 6.19 in / 15.72 cm
Height: 2.50 in / 6.35 cm
Weight: 3.04 lb / 1.38 kg

  • http://twitter.com/stott Pete Stott

    It’s about time someone realized that this is a good idea. I’m very excited to get one of these for my studio!

    • Jason Friedman

      Hey Pete,

      Thank you for your comment. I hope our new grip arm serves you well!


      Jason Friedman
      Kupo Product Marketing Manager

  • http://www.facebook.com/john.h.copeland John H Copeland

    Multi-faceted studs on both ends should be a standard way of producing them. I have been grinding flat spots on mine for years.. Having 6 truly machined facets to choose from is a great idea. I wonder why this has not become the standard. I would however prefer buying just the studs for all my existing manfrotto/bogen style brackets, clamps and swing arms and booms. If some exist somewhere I would love to know about them.

    • Jason Friedman

      Hey John,

      Thank you for your input! This is our first test with this concept. Depending upon how it is received by the end users, we will continue to develop more products with the hex pin. If you would like me to keep you posted, send me your email address to info@kupogrip.com and I’ll keep you in the loop.


      Jason Friedman
      Kupo Product Marketing Manager

      • chris

        Jason, just wondering, is the grip head fixed on the other end so that it does not move? Or can you slide the boom arm shorter or longer as needed?

        • Jason

          Hey Chris,

          Since there are two heads in the photo, hopefully the attached photo will answer your question. Please let me know if I can help you any further.


          Jason Friedman
          Kupo Product Marketing Manager

          • Yankee495

            Hi Jason,

            I just bought the Combo Alu Senior Stand and almost overlooked the hex grip arm. In fact, I almost overlooked Kupo gear altogether! Many people buy this name or that name because that’s what their friend has you know. Not me, I look for whatever fits my needs.

            I wanted a large footprint stand for outdoor use without it weighing 20 pounds and most wide base stands are steel stands (20+ lbs). One steel stand I looked at had all of the specs but it only has a 37″ footprint. I was very happy to find the Alu stand, a good compromise in weight but with the wide base like the steel stands and that awesome head!!!

            When I found the hex grip arm I looked all over and just the bar is not available or I would buy two grips and the bar because I’d like both grips to be movable and for use with other bars.

            Since I’m new to photography I don’t have a lot of spare gear laying around but I do have an 18″ bar and two individual grips could be used with it.

            I’d like to use the shorter bar for more softbox tilt than you have mounted directly on the stand without needing room for the 40″ bar or carrying the weight. I know you make a 20″ but I don’t want to buy two. Also, without being able to buy just the bar I would have to carry the weight of three grips instead of just two interchangeable grips with bars.

            I think the bar alone would sell good and you could price it a couple of bucks above what you make on the bar portion of the grip arm as a package deal. Looking for the bar only is how I ended up on your site. I thought maybe the dealer just didn’t carry it or have it in stock etc.

            My stand will be here tomorrow and I think I’ll be buying more Kupo gear including the steel stand with the steel boom. I’m pretty brand loyal and I have done extensive research and I really like your products. I have plenty of cheaper/lighter stands and now I’m getting a little more heavy duty stuff for my 48″ and 60″ softboxes etc (and outdoors).

            I also use the heavier PCB strobes, not Alienbees, just not a fan of plastic. This stand will be used mostly outdoors with a Ultrazap 1600 with 22″ PCB dish, the older heavier model. I like good old stuff, it’s built better. But it’ll be used inside with the softboxes too. It’d be real nice to be able to buy just the bar and two grips.

  • http://www.facebook.com/michael.a.broughton.39 Michael Andrew Broughton

    *shrug* several offset rows of dimples would hold a set screw more
    securely than flat sides, in more positions, and without creating as
    much of a structural weak point.

    • San D Studio

      Dimples would not be as effective as flat surfaces. Given rational application, there should be no concern about structural weak point. Position of fixture on arm is not that important, as it’s on a grip arm which can be easily re-positioned, anyway.

      They are not trying to compete with a dedicated heavy weight boom, just recognizing how gear is used, and solving a problem economically.

  • Michael Corsentino

    Very clever! Love it.

  • Marcel

    Is this product already available? I would love to buy this in Holland.

  • John Smith

    Excited that this exists. I’ve been having this problem for a couple months now. Just got two of these today. Kupo will you marry me?