C-Stand Double Riser Sections

40" Riser Section (KS742412)

40″ Riser Section (KS742412)


Kupo has three different sizes of Century or C-Stands: 20″, 30″ & 40″. To clarify what these numbers mean, this is the length of the riser section when it’s completely collapsed. Since all C-Stand riser sections are double risers, this means that there are a total of three sections, The Main Riser Section, the first riser section and the second riser section. So in essence if you multiplied the length of the riser section by three and added the heigh of the base, you would come to the total height of your C-Stand.

One of the many advantages of the Turtle Base C-Stands is that the riser sections are removable. Say you purchases a 40″ Double Riser Stand and you it is too tall for your current application, if you didn’t want to purchase a complete 20″ C-Stand, you can always just purchase the just the 20″ Riser Section, thereby saving you money.