Recruiting, Division of Operations. Mail Order/Maintenance Drugs

Repair medicines are medications recommended for long-lasting conditions and they are taken on a normal, recurring foundation. Caremark supplies a mail purchase solution for maintenance medications. Mail purchase solution prescriptions are 90-day materials for the price of a 60-day supply. (See Mail Purchase Copays. ) You can easily spot a mail order request online or by mail.

Individuals may also make use of the Caremark Maintenance Selection system and get 90-day supplies of these upkeep medications at mail purchase prices when filled at CVS pharmacies.

You are required to transition to a 90-day supply and fill the prescriptions through either mail order services or CVS pharmacies utilizing Caremark Maintenance Choice if you need more than three fills of the same prescription. You will need to contact Caremark to opt out of the Maintenance Program if you would like to continue to receive 30-day supplies at a retail pharmacy.

Getting to grips with Mail Order or Maintenance Choice

Begin with the Caremark Mail Order solution

  1. Join Caremark Mail provider by logging in to the Caremark web site. To sign up by phone, call 800-875-0867.
  2. Forward your original 90-day prescriptions to Caremark Mail provider, P. O. Box 2110, Pittsburgh, PA 15230-2110 with the Caremark Mail Service Order Form pdf. Pay money for the prescriptions by bank card, or by check or cash purchase (if mailing an purchase). Your medicines will likely be delivered able to your property within 10–14 times. Read more