HD Monitor Adapters

Kupo Heavy Duty Monitor Adapters are in stock and ready to ship!

HD Monitor Adapters are designed to mount your production monitor with confidence virtually anywhere. Our HD Monitor Adapters are rock solid with a load capacity of 17 lbs. They feature two adjustable metal handles that allow you to individually control both tilt and pan. The mounting plate is a standard VESA 3 x 3″ (75 x 75mm) with a black steel step-up plate to the larger VESA 4 x 4″ (100 x 100mm) mount that comes with hardware for quick installation. The HD Monitor Adapters come in two models:

Monitor Adapter with Hex Baby Pin – KG010312

This adapter allows you to mount your monitor to a versatile Convi Clamp or Super Viser Clamp to give you more mounting flexibility.


Monitor Adapter with Baby Hex Stud – (KG010412)

Monitor Adapter with Baby Hex Stud - (KG010412)

Monitor Adapter with Baby Hex Stud – (KG010412)


Monitor Adapter with Baby Receiver (KG010412)

This adapter allows you to mount your monitor on any light stand or accessory featuring a baby stud.

Monitor Adapter with Baby Receiver (KG010412)

Monitor Adapter with Baby Receiver (KG010412)

Monitor Adapter with Baby Receiver & Super Viser (KG010412)

Monitor Adapter with Baby Receiver & Super Viser (KG010412)

Monitor Adapter with Baby Receiver (KG010412)

Monitor Adapter with Baby Receiver (KG010412)

You can use these strong handy adapters on location, in studio, or even in your bedroom. Who needs a bulky monitor mount if you have a modern lightweight monitor or television!

Kupo Grip – Never Let Go!




Baby Wall Plates

The Kupo Baby Wall Plates allow you to mount a baby 5/8” (16mm) stud anywhere on a wall, other flat surface or just about anywhere. This plate gives you the option of semi-permanent attachment by screwing or nailing the base plate through any of the 8 anchor points drilled into the plate.  Attached to a wood or metal base, they make great free-standing floor mounts, also known as “pigeon” plates, or positioned anywhere clamped between the discs of a grip head. This adapter comes in a chrome plated steel finish.

Standard Baby Plates

Our standard Baby Wall Plates come with baby studs in three different lengths, 3″, 6″ & 9″ depending upon how much distance you want from where it’s mounted.

3" Baby Wall Plate (KG003512)

3″ Baby Wall Plate (KG003512)


6" Baby Plate (KG008212)

6″ Baby Plate (KG008212)


9" Baby Plate (KG008112)

9″ Baby Plate (KG008112)

Right Angle Baby Wall Plate

The Right Angle Baby Plate is a 6″ Baby Plate with a bend placing the stud vertically as opposed to horizontally. This places the yoke under the light fixture as it would be when mounting upon a light stand and gives you a bit more flexibility in terms of how the fixture is angled.

Right Angle Baby Plate (KG008012)

Right Angle Baby Plate (KG008012)


Baby Wall Plate with EZ Grip Finger

Sometimes you need to cheat the angle of your light fixture or accessory towards a certain direction. That’s precisely what the Baby Plate with EZ Grip Finger allows you to do. With a large solid steel, ball and socket joint and clamping handle, you can quickly reposition your light fixture or accessory wherever you choose and tighten the handle down to lock it firmly into position.


Baby Plate with EZ Grip Finger (KG301012)

Baby Plate with EZ Grip Finger (KG301012)


Check out the video below to see how it is used as a pigeon plate as well as some other applications for such a handy piece of grip equipment.

Visit the product page for more information and specifications.


Camera/Umbrella Bracket

The  Camera/Umbrella Bracket (KG006411) is a handy accessory. It features two baby 5/8″ (16 mm) receivers and a smaller receiver for an umbrella shaft. The KG006411 comes with a 1/4″-20 camera mounting screw and a locking collar to tighten the camera against the bracket. This bracket will allow you to mount your camera on virtually any piece of grip equipment. The KG006411 is clad in a stealthy black finish.

Camera/Umbrella Bracket (KG006411)

Camera/Umbrella Bracket (KG006411)


Camera/Umbrella Bracket in Action!

 Check out the video below that highlights the features of this handy bracket!

For more information and technical specifications, click here.


Gripopedia – Pigeon

Normally when you think about a pigeon, something like this fine feathered friend crosses your mind:


Tweet Tweet!


3" Baby Plate (KG003512)

3″ Baby Plate (KG003512)

But in the world of grip, a pigeon, or pigeon plate is a classic grip tool for super low mounting of your lighting and accessories. Typically it is a baby plate mounted to a larger stable platform such as a piece of wood or metal.

Check out the 3″ Baby Plate video and you’ll see me make a Pigeon.  

Wall Plate with Baby 5/8″ Stud – 3″ Long from Kupo Grip on Vimeo.

When it comes to a pigeon, a “bird’s eye view”doesn’t apply, that is unless that bird happens to be perched just a few inches from the ground! So grab a few pieces of wood and baby plates and and make yourself some today!


Personal Gear Guru – Mike

This question was sent to me via our free Personal Gear Guru service by Mike, asking about using two Master C-Stand Kits to support a roll of seamless background paper. 


Can two Master 40-in C Stand with Turtle Base Kit be used to support a paper background roll. If they can, what kind of load can they support. In one of your online videos, you use light stands with arms to support a paper background roll.



Hey Mike,
Yes. Two 40″ Master C-Stand with Turtle Base Kits can support any roll up to 44 lb. (20 kg) in weight (each stand has a load capacity of 22 lb. (10 kg). This would include even the 12′ wide seamless from Savage. A couple of things to keep in consideration:
  1. Always place the large leg in line with the roll of seamless (paper background roll).
  2. Use at least one 15 lb. sandbag on each stand to prevent tipping
  3. Remember the “Righty Tighty” Rule. The load must always go to the right side of the grip head when the handle is facing you. This means that on one stand the handle of the grip head will be facing the camera and on the other, the handle of the grip head will be facing behind the background. 
  4. You can always secure the background to the grip arms with a couple of medium, 2″ “A” Clamps. But you will need a ladder to unroll and re-roll the paper. To make your life easier, especially in a studio situation, you may want to consider the Paper Drive Baby Stand Adapters – Sold as a pair (KG084911) http://www.kupogrip.com/paper-drive-baby-stand-adapter/ and a Background Paper Drive Set (KG084411) http://www.kupogrip.com/background-paper-drive-set/ that will allow you to raise and lower the paper comfortably from the ground.
  5. Last but not least, if you plan on leaving a large roll of paper suspended, to avoid the core from bending due to gravity, every day the paper should be given half a turn.
I hope this answers your question. Let  me know if I can help you any further. 
Jason – Your Gear Guru

Thanks for the really useful info. One last question, if you use the paper drive set what is actually going thru the paper tube is it an arm or a pole?
One suggestion I have is why not sell a paper support system as a complete kit, then I don’t have figure out all the parts I need to order.
Hey Mike,
The Paper Drive Set expands into the cardboard core of the paper roll. If you are going to use this method, you wouldn’t even need grip arms or grip heads, just the two stands and you would be good to go. 
As far as creating a kit for the Paper Drive System, it’s an excellent idea. There are just so many combinations (using them with Light Stands or Kupoles, using a single roll versus a three rolls on a multi-bracket, etc.) that it’s a challenge to find the most popular kits for everybody’s needs. I’ll be adding new products and updating the catalog and website towards the end of the summer. I’ll definitely take you suggestion in consideration and see if I can create a couple of kits.