Hex Grip Head

The Hex Grip Head is identical to the 2-1/2” Grip Head with Big Handle – Black (KG203111) but instead of being mounted to a baby 5/8″ (16 mm) receiver, it’s mounted to a hexagonal stud designed exclusively to fit the Convi Clamp or Super Viser System. The ability to mount a grip arm to one of these incredibly versatile clamps gives you the ultimate flexibility in rigging possibilities. You can mount a modifier such as a scrim or silk on the same stand that the light fixture is mounted to.

Hex Grip Head (KG202011) | Kupo Grip - Never Let Go!

Hex Grip Head (KG202011)


Hex Grip Head with Convi Clamp & 40" Grip Arm | Kupo Grip - Never Let Go!

Hex Grip Head with Convi Clamp & 40″ Grip Arm

 You can just imagine all the creative ways you can rig your lights and accessories using one of these bad boys!

For more information and technical specifications, check out the product page.

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Personal Gear Guru – Frederick

This question was sent to me via our free Personal Gear Guru service by Frederick, asking about hanging a strobe power pack from a light stand using a clamp.
I need a heavy duty clamp to hold my power packs to a light stand? 
I would like to keep them off the floor. 
I’m using Profoto Acute 2400R packs.

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Chris Garrison – Behind the Scenes Video

Today I received an awesome behind the scenes video from Kupo Pro Chris Garrison. Here are just a few of the unlimited options for rigging equipment with Kupo Grip. Even on location, Chris brings along a variety of pro grip gear to give him ultimate flexibility as well as the knowledge that his equipment is held securely in the elements, leaving him free to concentrate on what he does best, capturing pro athletes flying across the water, snow or air. I’ve included a timeline at the end of this post to highlight and link to each piece of Kupo Grip used in this video. Enjoy!


Go behind the scenes with Chris Garrison at the Projects in Orlando, Florida to see how he shoots rail riding on the water.  He has guest Professional wakeboarders; Todd Watson, Trevor Bashir, and an appearance by Shane Bonifay.  You will get some inside knowledge of how to shoot and keep your equipment safe around the water at the same time.  Be sure to watch for all the small things that will help make any shoot run smoother and safer.  The best part of the video is Chris will be using the Nikon 85mm f/2.8 PC-E (better known as a tilt-shift) for the first time!


The Projects Shoot from Alex Glass on Vimeo.

Here’s one of the still images from Chris’ shoot.

Copyright 2013 - Chris Garrison


00:46 – 40″ Hex Grip Arm & Blog Post

02:04 – Master C Stand with Sliding Leg

02:09 – Master C Stand with Turtle Base & Video

02:25 – Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle & Blog Post

02:25 – Hex “J” Hook & Blog Post

02:36 – 3-Way Clamp & Video

02:36 – 108mm Long Baby Stud

02:53 – Grip Arm Support & Video

03:18 – Tilting Umbrella Adapter with KG000912 & KG001112 Studs

03:18 – Hot Shoe Adapter

To find out more about Chris and his photography, check out his Kupo Pro bio.

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Convi Clamp Accessories – Snap-In Hex Pin

BABY 5/8″ (16mm) SNAP-IN PIN

This Convi Clamp accessory has a hex stud on one side and baby stud the other for mounting light fixtures or any other piece of grip equipment or accessory with a baby receiver. These babies are generally bought by the handful and considered a “must have” item in your grip bag.


Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin (KG000112)

The solid steel pin is one of the most common accessories that you can find for the Convi Clamp System.

KG000112 Mounted to Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle

Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin mounted to Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle

The Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin mounted in a Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle. The advantage of the hex pin is that it won’t rotate in the clamp’s receiver. Also there is a safety mechanism built into the Convi Clamp, if the set-screw ever comes loose, the pin can’t be separated from the clamp unless the safety button is pressed down first.

KG000112 mounted to Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle and Profoto Head

Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin mounted to Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle supporting Profoto Pro Head

The same Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin mounted to Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle clamped around the riser of a C-Stand. This gives us the freedom to mount our Profoto head or any other light fixture with a baby receiver anywhere we’d like on the riser section. This is perfect if you want an ultra-low mounting position and your stand is of normal height or is too tall.


Not only are they designed for our Convi family of clamps, but also for our Super Viser Clamps with the same hex receiver that also feature the hex receiver. If you ever needed a clamp with a baby pin on both ends, the Super Viser with a Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin would be a perfect solution.

KG601512 - 4" Super Viser Clamp

4″ Super Viser Clamp (KG601512)


Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin technical specifications.

Kupo Grip – Never Let Go!


Convi Clamp Accessories – The Hex “J” Hook

A little while ago, I published a post on the amazing Convi Clamp System. Over the next couple of weeks, I will cover all of the accessories that make the Convi Clamp so versatile that it meets the needs of every image maker, regardless of whether your medium involves still or moving images.


Hex "J" Hook

Hex “J” Hook – KG000611

This Convi Clamp accessory is a super strong steel “J” hook with a hex pin designed for the Convi Clamp System or Super Viser Clamps. This hook is perfect for hanging strobe packs, HMI ballasts, cables, rigging crossbars to light stands to support backgrounds, etc. They are one of the most popular accessories in the vast Convi Clamp System.

Hex "J" Hook with Profoto Pro 7a 2400 Pack

Hex “J” Hook with Profoto Pro 7a 2400 Pack

This is a shot of Profoto 7a 2400 Generator suspended from a Hex “J” Hook and Convi Clamp from a C-Stand Riser Section. They are especially popular for battery operated strobe packs on wheeled stands. Not only do they get your electrics off the ground on location when the ground maybe wet, but they also provide some extra weight for stability to save the need for a sandbag.

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