Camera/Umbrella Bracket

The  Camera/Umbrella Bracket (KG006411) is a handy accessory. It features two baby 5/8″ (16 mm) receivers and a smaller receiver for an umbrella shaft. The KG006411 comes with a 1/4″-20 camera mounting screw and a locking collar to tighten the camera against the bracket. This bracket will allow you to mount your camera on virtually any piece of grip equipment. The KG006411 is clad in a stealthy black finish.

Camera/Umbrella Bracket (KG006411)

Camera/Umbrella Bracket (KG006411)


Camera/Umbrella Bracket in Action!

 Check out the video below that highlights the features of this handy bracket!

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Personal Gear Guru – Cesar

This question was sent to me via our free Personal Gear Guru service by Cesar B., asking about rigging a Nikon SB-900 flash using the included plastic stand. 



What size of a hex stud for a stand of a Nikon SB-900 flash, please?


Hey Cesar,
If you are looking to mount your flash to a clamp with a hex receiver such as a Convi Clamp, or Super Viser Clamp, and you are using the small plastic stand that comes with your SB-900 flash,, the stud you’d need would be the Camera Hex Stud 1/4″-20M, that would thread into the bottom of the plastic speedlight stand. 
In addition to the the Hex Stud, a lot of people choose the Tilting Umbrella Adapter with KG000912 & KG001112 studs, This gives you the ability to angle your flash and use an umbrella to get a large soft light source from your speedlight, as well as mount it on a light stand.
If you want something a bit stronger then the plastic base, you could always pick up the hot shoe adapter as well, which is all metal, is much stronger, and locks positively around the shoe, whereas the speedlight stand is plastic, and the flash is only pressure fit. 
I hope I answered your question. If I can help you any further, please let me know!
Jason – Your Gear Guru

Kupo August Promotion

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Kupo Grip – Never Let Go!


2-1/2″ Grip Head with Big Handle (Black)

2-1/2" Grip Head with Big Handle - Black (KG203111)

2-1/2″ Grip Head with Big Handle – Black (KG203111)

 The 2-1/2″ Grip Head consists of a pair of rotating aluminum discs attached to a baby 5/8″ (16 mm) receiver. The discs have four different sized “V” shaped jaws for varying diameters, machined with “teeth” that grab whatever is mounted between the plates securely. The 2-1/2″ Grip Head features an oversized ergonomic “T” handle and dedicated roller bearings for maximum torque. This grip head uses a non-slip aluminum friction disc that will maintain its durability over time that offers the user positive locking strength and precise control. Constructed around a solid steel central bolt with a fixed solid pin to secure it to the aluminum casting for increased strength and durability.

The 2 1/2” Grip Head is most often used in conjunction with a grip arm, giving you complete flexibility to position gobos “go betweens” such as flags, scrims and silks as well as other accessories virtually anywhere.


  • 5/8″, 1/2″, 3/8″, 1/8″ “V” Shaped Mounting Jaws
  • Solid Steel Central Bolt
  • Metal Knobs
  • Oversized “T” Handle
  • Dedicated Roller Bearings
  • Non-Slip Aluminum Friction Disc
  • Silver Aluminum Finish


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Max Arms

Max Arm with Big Hand Wheel (KG100911)

Max Arm with Big Hand Wheel (KG100911)


Kupo Max Arm with Adjustable Handle (KG100211)

Max Arm with Adjustable Handle (KG100211)

The Max Arms are adjustable arms that allows you to position a camera, lighting fixture or accessory in any position within seconds!

The two 5/8″ (16mm) studs at either end are attached to ball joints that rotate 360 degrees, plus a cut-out in the sleeve surrounding the ball allows the stud to be bent 90 degrees. One stud is tapped to receive a 3/8″-16 thread, while the other is tapped to receive a 1/4″-20 thread. Each stud has six milled flat surfaces, so whatever you mount on the Max Arm will not rotate. The central elbow rotates 360 degrees for infinite adjustability.

The Max Arm is equipped with user-replaceable special friction discs with anti-slip rosettes prevent unwanted movement. You have the choice between two models, one with a ratcheting adjustment handle and the other has large rubberized hand wheel. They both slowly increase tension until all three joints lock at once making precise positioning a breeze.

For more information and technical specifications: