Kupo August Promotion

As the mercury continues to climb this summer, send your lights and accessories skyward on the best C-Stands in the business while taking advantage of Kupo’s hot August deal!

Kupo August Free Grip Head with C-Stand Purchase Promotion

Purchase any Kupo C-Stand or C-Stand Kit and get a 2-1/2″ Grip Head with Big Handle – Silver (KG203012) or Black (KG203111). $24.00 value free with rebate!


  1. Just purchase any C-Stand or C-Stand Kit between July 1st and 31st from any Kupo Dealer.
  2. Download the Rebate Form
  3. Mail Rebate Form
  4. Wait impatiently for free 2-1/2″ Grip Head!

Kupo August Free Grip Head with C-Stand Purchase Promo Instant Rebat


  1. Purchase a C-Stand or C-Stand Kit between August 1st and 31st online at www.kupogrip.com
  2. Add any C-Stand or C-Stand Kit and either the Black 2-1/2″ Grip Head with Big Handle (KG701511) or the Silver 2-1/2″ Grip Head with Big Handle to the shopping cart.
  3. During Checkout, use the code GRIPHEAD
  4. Once the code is entered, the Grip Head’s price will be reduced to zero.
  5. Wait impatiently for free Grip Head!

All submission requirements are located on the Rebate Form. Take advantage of this hot deal and  Happy Independence Day!

Kupo Grip – Never Let Go!


2-1/2″ Grip Head with Big Handle (Black)

2-1/2" Grip Head with Big Handle - Black (KG203111)

2-1/2″ Grip Head with Big Handle – Black (KG203111)

 The 2-1/2″ Grip Head consists of a pair of rotating aluminum discs attached to a baby 5/8″ (16 mm) receiver. The discs have four different sized “V” shaped jaws for varying diameters, machined with “teeth” that grab whatever is mounted between the plates securely. The 2-1/2″ Grip Head features an oversized ergonomic “T” handle and dedicated roller bearings for maximum torque. This grip head uses a non-slip aluminum friction disc that will maintain its durability over time that offers the user positive locking strength and precise control. Constructed around a solid steel central bolt with a fixed solid pin to secure it to the aluminum casting for increased strength and durability.

The 2 1/2” Grip Head is most often used in conjunction with a grip arm, giving you complete flexibility to position gobos “go betweens” such as flags, scrims and silks as well as other accessories virtually anywhere.


  • 5/8″, 1/2″, 3/8″, 1/8″ “V” Shaped Mounting Jaws
  • Solid Steel Central Bolt
  • Metal Knobs
  • Oversized “T” Handle
  • Dedicated Roller Bearings
  • Non-Slip Aluminum Friction Disc
  • Silver Aluminum Finish


For more information and technical specifications, click here


Win a C-Stand Kit!


Sign up today for our monthly newsletter and you’ll be automatically entered to win a Master 40″ C-Stand Kit with Turtle Base (Cat.# KS743712), a $177.00 value! 

Kupo Master C-Stand Kit - KS743712

Kupo Master C-Stand Kit (KS743712)


Ever find yourself struggling to open and close a C-Stand? Besides the professional grips who open and close these bad boys everyday, most everybody at one point or another has struggled to open or close a C-Stand. Not any more! With the game changing innovation of Kupo’s Master C-Stand, you can open or close your stand in just a second! The unique spring loaded Kwik Collar makes the task a snap and saves you both time and frustration. 

Just one second to open or close the Kupo Master C-Stand!

Just one second to open or close the Kupo Master C-Stand!

For those unfamiliar with C-Stands in general, they are the most common and useful of all grip equipment. You can support lights, light modifiers, backgrounds, accessories etc. Our Master C-Stand has a “turtle base” which means that it removes from the riser sections quickly and easily for transportation or storage. 

Click on the link below and check out both the video and the features of our Master C-Stand with Turtle Base. Just fill out the quick form to receive our newsletter and you could be the winner of our monthly c-stand kit giveaway. 


 Never Let Go!


Personal Gear Guru – Randolph

This question was sent to me via our free Personal Gear Guru service by Randolph, asking about our 5″ Grip Pin to mount a lighting fixture in the 40″ Grip Arm that comes with a C Stand Kit.


First I’d like to say thank you for all the wonderful videos you have on this site. They’re very informative and easy to follow.
I was going to buy the Avenger A2030D 9.8′ Turtle Base kit + Avenger E650 Baby (5/8″) Pin with Collar to use with a beauty dish.
Instead of the Avenger stand, I would like to buy the Kupo 40″ Master C Stand with Turtle Base Kit. Is the Kupo Baby 5/8″ (16mm) Snap-in Pin the pin I’ll need to purchase?



Hey Randolph,

You will need the 5″ Grip Arm Pin to support your lighting fixture. Just place it in the baby (5/8″) opening in the grip head, position the pin angle, tighten the grip head, and you’re ready to rock!


5" Grip Pin (KG002212) | Kupo Grip - Never Let Go!

5″ Grip Pin (KG002212)

Remember to place one of the legs in-line with the grip arm so it won’t tip and to use a sandbag on the turtle base for safety! If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Thank you for the inquiry, your comments on our videos and for supporting Kupo Grip!


Jason Friedman – Your Personal Gear Guru

Never Let Go!