Chris Garrison – Behind the Scenes Video

Today I received an awesome behind the scenes video from Kupo Pro Chris Garrison. Here are just a few of the unlimited options for rigging equipment with Kupo Grip. Even on location, Chris brings along a variety of pro grip gear to give him ultimate flexibility as well as the knowledge that his equipment is held securely in the elements, leaving him free to concentrate on what he does best, capturing pro athletes flying across the water, snow or air. I’ve included a timeline at the end of this post to highlight and link to each piece of Kupo Grip used in this video. Enjoy!


Go behind the scenes with Chris Garrison at the Projects in Orlando, Florida to see how he shoots rail riding on the water.  He has guest Professional wakeboarders; Todd Watson, Trevor Bashir, and an appearance by Shane Bonifay.  You will get some inside knowledge of how to shoot and keep your equipment safe around the water at the same time.  Be sure to watch for all the small things that will help make any shoot run smoother and safer.  The best part of the video is Chris will be using the Nikon 85mm f/2.8 PC-E (better known as a tilt-shift) for the first time!


The Projects Shoot from Alex Glass on Vimeo.

Here’s one of the still images from Chris’ shoot.

Copyright 2013 - Chris Garrison


00:46 – 40″ Hex Grip Arm & Blog Post

02:04 – Master C Stand with Sliding Leg

02:09 – Master C Stand with Turtle Base & Video

02:25 – Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle & Blog Post

02:25 – Hex “J” Hook & Blog Post

02:36 – 3-Way Clamp & Video

02:36 – 108mm Long Baby Stud

02:53 – Grip Arm Support & Video

03:18 – Tilting Umbrella Adapter with KG000912 & KG001112 Studs

03:18 – Hot Shoe Adapter

To find out more about Chris and his photography, check out his Kupo Pro bio.

Kupo Grip – Never Let Go!


David Lloyd – Kupo Pro Event

I’d like to introduce you to David Lloyd. Not just an incredible photographer, but a true lighting master and off-camera flash evangelist. His professional career started as an electronics engineer working for the Vivitar Corporation. Now unless you are a from generation y or z, or you are new to the game, you know how much impact the Vivitar 283 and Vivitar 285HV had in illuminating the world of photography! For all you newbies, just like Xerox is to the copier, Vivitar is to the off-camera flash! David is not only a lighting guru for still photography, but David has also worked as a gaffer for NBC in Burbank.

Here’s what David had to say about Kupo:

“As a professional photographer and lighting instructor, I look for reliability, strength and performance when selecting components for my lighting gear. Having recently discovered Kupo, I have found it to be a wonderful and quality alternative for all my Lighting Stand needs. Rugged and conceptually new design implementation, make for a confident choice, when building or augmenting a lighting support system. I find Kupo, to be the confident choice.”



Anybody in the Mesa, AZ area has an opportunity to attend an incredible workshop on off-camera flash with lighting master David Lloyd. Register for David’s upcoming workshop: Learn 1940’s Style Hollywood Glamour Lighting!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

40’s Style Lighting Workshop


Lighting Workshop Invite

Through the Photographic Canvas of Classic WWII Aircraft and models styled for 40’s Hollywood, we will explore Hollywood 40’s Lighting at the Arizona Wing Commemorative Air Force Air Museum at Falcon Field.

This promises to be a very instructive and memorable event. So if you are interested in learning creative lighting techniques with Speed Lights, this is the workshop for you!

Register Today:

David Lloyd


David Lloyd – Certified Professional Photographer
David began his professional photography career in 1975 as an Electronics Engineer in New Product Design at the Vivitar Corp., where he designed Electronic Flash and Color Darkroom equipment. While at Vivitar, David was awarded the Crystal Eagle for outstanding achievement in New Product Design and holds a US Patent in Electronic Flash.
David studied Photography at Art Center, College of Design in Pasadena and West Coast School of Photography at the University of San Diego. David’s career in Electronics also included the design of high speed motion picture cameras at Photosonics and a long tenure in Aerospace design with Teledyne, Librascope, Litton and Lockheed Martin.
After a two year Military assignment in Okinawa, Japan, David worked as a Lighting Gaffer at NBC in Burbanc, CA where he began his fascination with the character of light and the photographic image. Inspired by his Uncle, Julian B. Ely, Staff Photographer of Stars and Stripes Newspaper in the Pacific Rim, during WWII, David’s interest and evolvement in photography has continually grown.
David resumed his career as a professional photographer in 1997 in the Central Coast of California, photographing Weddings, High School Seniors and Family Portraiture. David also taught Digital Photography and Digital Workflow at Colleges in California and most recently at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona.
David is a long time member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Professional Photographers of California and a recent member of AZPPA, since 2008. David has received several Meriting Prints from WPPI and Gold Coast PPA.
Though the association and encouragement with members of AZPPA, David studied for and was awarded the title of Certified Professional Photographer.

For more information about David, here’s his contact info.

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Chris Garrison – Kupo Pro

Some photographers do most of their work in a studio in a tranquil controlled environment. They have an elaborate set built, their lighting just so and perhaps an espresso in hand to keep them at the edge of their creativity. But what happens when your subjects are extreme athletes flying down a mountain on a snowboard, or screaming across the water, being pulled by multi-engined watercraft, performing moves that make gravity itself stop and take notice? Chris Garrison would be the man to ask as this is how he makes his living shooting extreme athletes in their natural environment.

When I caught up with Chris, he had a few things to say about Kupo grip equipment:

“Kupo grip equipment and their C-Stands allow me to confidently place flashes in areas that may be prone to impact or high wind. I have yet to see any of the Max Arms move out of position or C-Stands fall due to heavy wind, even while placed on high speed boats!”

“The 3 Way Clamps makes it very easy for me to attach multiple flashes to a single light stand. I am constantly shooting athletes over long distances where I need 2 to 4 flashes. It is unreal to be able to attach them all securely to one C-Stand.”

“I love Kupo Grip’s unique C-Stand Turtle Bases. They make it super convenient and very fast to set up and break down. Weather can move in very fast when shooting outdoors. The fact that I can pick up the C-stand and pull up the locking mechanism and walk as it collapses the legs automatically is invaluable.”

Chris Garrison


Chris Garrison is an action sports commercial photographer based in Orlando, Florida. He splits his year between shooting snow and water sports. Mostly known for always using large flashes for every photo he takes, Chris has been pushing the limits of flash photography and is steadily leaving his mark in all types of industries. Chris is a former athlete and knows what it takes to get what he wants. In the winter he can be found hiking and sledding up mountains with 200 lbs of photo and flash gear. In the summer you will find him on the water with boats, skis, and anything that will float to hold a flash in tow. Chris takes a lot of pride on bringing in a commercial like look to action sports lighting. He will do what ever it takes to get the flashes to where they need to be in the morning, sunset, night and even midday. Working for large clients such as RedBull, ESPN, The Bonnier Corporation, Kicker, Ronix, and many more; you will be sure to see him pushing photography almost daily.



To see more of Chris’s photography or to find out more about him, visit his website.


Michael Corsentino – Kupo Pro

It’s my privilege to introduce you to Michael Corsentino, one of our professional Kupo shooters. As you will see in his bio, besides being an awesome photographer, Michael is also an educator, author, speaker and a truly great guy who is more than willing to share his vast experience. Michael contacted me a little while ago looking to outfit himself with some grip gear for an upcoming project he is working on and I was more than happy to help! After Michael had some time to play with his new Kupo gear, he kindly expressed his feelings about Kupo Grip equipment:

“Kupo stands and grip equipment are my rock solid partners in the studio and on location. No slipping or creeping on these babies! Kupo’s unparalleled build quality keeps my clients and equipment safe, secure, and gives me the peace of mind I need.”

Michael Corsentino



Michael Corsentino is an award winning contemporary wedding and portrait photographer, Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom expert, author, speaker and workshop leader based in Northern California. Shooting digitally since 1999, he made his first exposure when he was 12 years old and hasn’t put his camera down since.

His 30 year love affair with the magic and science of photography is more passionate today than ever. Stylish, dramatic, edgy and modern images set Michael’s photography apart. His award winning blend of photojournalism, fashion and editorial styles have made him an in-demand portrait and destination wedding photographer.

Equally passionate about educating, Michael loves to share his lighting and posing secrets, post processing techniques, time saving workflow strategies and shooting philosophy with other photographers during his inspiring workshops and speaking engagements.



To see more of Michael’s work or to find out more information, visit his website.

Kupo Grip – Never Let Go!