Kupo Grip Lauches New Website!

Kupo Grip invites you to check out our brand new website.



This comprehensive website will be a one-stop resource for all things Kupo including:

PRODUCT INFO & SPECIFICATIONS – Kupo has an extensive range of grip equipment and accessories. Here we get down to the nitty-gritty as we single out a piece of grip equipment and give you the essential information. If you ever wanted to know, “What is this contraption and how do I use it?” or if you refer to you grip gear as, “Doodads and Thingamajigs”, check out this month’s Gear Spotlight to satisfy those curiosities and more! 

Kupo Gear Spotlight - Products & Specifications

BLOG – Out of the several blog posts created each month, there is usually one that stands out above the crowd. Come and check out our feature blog post where you can also sign up to receive regular updates!


VIDEO THEATRE – Welcome to the Kupo Video Theatre! Who likes to read manuals? I sure don’t! So as a solution to boring tech manuals, we decided to make videos that provide both information and instruction about the Kupo Grip USA product line. Here you will find short videos covering different product families as well as individual products. We are constantly producing new videos so come back often and check for the latest updates. If there are any products you can’t find here that you would like to see a video of, please let us know and we’ll try our best to accommodate your requests. Also check out our webinar section for more educational videos. Grab some popcorn, get comfy and enjoy!

Video Banner for http://kupogrip.com

GEAR GURU SERVICE – Have you ever . . . .

  • Needed a solution to support lighting or cameras in a certain way but wasn’t sure how to go about it?
  • Wanted to re-create an image but didn’t know how it was lit?
  • Wanted to buy a camera system, but needed some advice?
  • Needed to equip your studio with the right gear?
  • Had a gear budget but still needed professional results?
  • Just started photography and didn’t know where to begin?
  • Struggled over which lighting to buy? Continuous or Flash?
  • Needed to know which light modifier would be perfect for your needs?

Well, I’m here to help you with all these questions and more! Ask a question and I’ll get back to you shortly with an answer. Just fill out the form below and if need be, you can also attach an image to help illustrate your point. 

Gear Guru on http://kupogrip.com

GRIPOPEDIA – Have you ever been on a film set and heard something strange and had to do a double take to figure out if you really heard it, or maybe you are just going crazy? No a baby stud isn’t a toddler dressed in a leather jacket with shades and a pimped out tricycle and a butt plug, in this case, is not what you would expect. Come check out our Gripopedia as we define this colorful vocabulary. 

Kupo Gripopedia on http://kupogrip.com

NEWS & EVENTS – See the latest news and events from Kupo Grip.

Kupo Newsletter from News & Events. http://kupogrip.com

KUPO CATALOG  – Download your copy today!

Our first edition, forty-four page, full color Kupo catalog is now available! It includes product images, descriptions and technical specifications. It covers the Kupo US line of light stands, grip equipment and accessories. Sure to be a collectors item so don’t wait!

Kupo Catalog Download - http://kupogrip.com

FIND A DEALER – Locate your closest dealer to get a “hands on” Kupo Grip experience or to make a purchase.

Find a Dealer on http://kupogrip.com

KUPO PRO – The Professional’s Choice

Here we feature our Kupo Pro’s, professional image-makers who have chosen Kupo gear to give them the support they need to realize their creative visions, saving them time with some of our unique innovative products and giving them peace of mind with our precision craftsmanship and outstanding customer service. 


Check out the site today and sign up for our newsletter.

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