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Welcome to our first official post for our Personal Gear Guru Service! This is the first step in a long but exciting journey of gear and photo knowledge! Besides my years of retail experience selling this gear and of course using it as a professional photographer, back in my assisting days and up to this very day, I am fortunate enough to learn from some very skilled image makers, and frankly there isn’t a day that goes by that I probably don’t learn something new. Technology and gear are constantly changing, and even though I’ve been at this coming on three decades now, the sobering fact is that there is always more I don’t know than I actually do. Even though my friends call me “Quiz Show” because I generally have an answer for everything, if I ever come to a question that I can’t answer on my own, I mean WHEN that happens, I’ll seek out the answer for you and we’ll both learn at the same time! So bring on your questions and let’s have some fun!

This question was sent to me by Giles on 09.25.12.


Why is there one long bolt on one of the junior roller legs?


Hey Giles,

Great question! The longer bolt in is used to hang the stand on a stand hanger that you will find on grip trucks, grip rental houses and grip carts. The leg goes in the open space between two hangers and the bolt rests across two of the hangers.

The bolt can also be used as a hook for the handle of a sandbag, especially when the legs are not fully opened to provide a narrow footprint. Due to the increased angle of the legs, a sandbag would slide down to the casters. In this case most of the sandbag would be resting on the ground making it less effective then if the full weight were being supported by the stand itself to give it stability.

Longer Bolt

Stand Hangers



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