Hex Swivel Extension Arm with 5/8″ Receiver

The Swivel Extension Arm Hex Stud to 5/8” (16mm) Receiver is a mini extension arm with a hexagonal stud on one side, designed for the Convi Clamp System, and a baby 5/8” (16mm) receiver on the other. It has a double ball elbow joint giving you the ability to articulate the two sides in any direction.

Hex Swivel Adapter with Baby Receiver (KG001712)

Hex Swivel Adapter with Baby Receiver (KG001712)

Check out the video below to see an example of how the Hex Swivel Extension with 5/8″ Receiver is used. As you can see this handy adapter can give you an easy way to position your equipment, whether or it’s a field recorder or field monitor. It can also be used in reverse. You can place the baby receiver on the stud of a light stand and attach a Convi Clamp or Super Viser Clamp to hold just about anything.

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Convi Clamp Accessories – Snap-In Hex Pin

BABY 5/8″ (16mm) SNAP-IN PIN

This Convi Clamp accessory has a hex stud on one side and baby stud the other for mounting light fixtures or any other piece of grip equipment or accessory with a baby receiver. These babies are generally bought by the handful and considered a “must have” item in your grip bag.


Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin (KG000112)

The solid steel pin is one of the most common accessories that you can find for the Convi Clamp System.

KG000112 Mounted to Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle

Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin mounted to Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle

The Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin mounted in a Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle. The advantage of the hex pin is that it won’t rotate in the clamp’s receiver. Also there is a safety mechanism built into the Convi Clamp, if the set-screw ever comes loose, the pin can’t be separated from the clamp unless the safety button is pressed down first.

KG000112 mounted to Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle and Profoto Head

Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin mounted to Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle supporting Profoto Pro Head

The same Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin mounted to Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle clamped around the riser of a C-Stand. This gives us the freedom to mount our Profoto head or any other light fixture with a baby receiver anywhere we’d like on the riser section. This is perfect if you want an ultra-low mounting position and your stand is of normal height or is too tall.


Not only are they designed for our Convi family of clamps, but also for our Super Viser Clamps with the same hex receiver that also feature the hex receiver. If you ever needed a clamp with a baby pin on both ends, the Super Viser with a Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin would be a perfect solution.

KG601512 - 4" Super Viser Clamp

4″ Super Viser Clamp (KG601512)


Baby 5/8″ Snap-In Pin technical specifications.

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