Light Stands in Depth – 1 of 4

Types of Light Stands


Obviously not all light stands are the same. This four part series will cover every aspect of light stands so after reading these posts, you will be a certified light stand expert.



Kupo Baby Kit Stand (KS140511)

Kit Stands – These are the lightweight aluminum stands. They generally have a load capacity up to about 22 lbs (10 kg). They are great for light loads and because of their minimal physical weight, easy to transport.



Kupo High Baby Stand (KS101112)

Steel Kit Stands – These are the heavy-duty versions of the aluminum kit stands. Steel increases the load capacity significantly, in this case up to 55.1 lbs (25 kg).



Kupo High Roller Stand (KS300112)

Roller Stands – These stands come with casters so you can take your support mobile. They have everything from lightweight roller stands to their heavy-duty big brothers. These are excellent for studio work, especially if you are going to rig a lot of weight or a precarious item such as a boom, making repositioning a snap.



High Overhead Roller Stand (KS600112)

Overhead Stands – Overhead stands are similar to roller stands as they do come with casters, however they also feature a “Lollipop“, or 4 1/2 ” Grip Head affixed to the top of the stand. Due to the massive sizes of overhead frames, (up to 30′ square), these stands typically extend to incredible heights of 20′ or so.



Kupo 3-Section Wind-Up Stand (KS401212)

Wind-Up Stands – These stands feature a mechanical lifting assist with a hand-crank and an auto-locking safety system that enables a single operator to lift heavy loads with precision and confidence. Because of their increased weight, these stands are perfectly situated to any studio environment.



Kupo Master High Cine Stand (KS500412)

Cine Stands – Cine stands are generally similar to Combo Stands, but feature square legs.



Master Combo HD (KS200112)

Combo Stands – Combo stands get their name because of their unique head design. The S200112 features the triple function universal combo head with both 1-1/8″ (28mm) and 5/8″ (16mm) receivers plus a multi-direction 5/8″ (16mm) stud.



Master 30" C Stand with Turtle Base - Silver (KS742612)

Century Stands – Century Stands, more commonly known as “C” Stands, have been one of the most common types of grip equipment used by the filmmaking industry for decades due to their strength and flexibility. More information about C Stands.