30″ Long Safety Cable – 1/8″ Diameter

Safety cables are recommended when supporting lights, cameras or accessories from the ceiling, boom or elevated location in case they unexpectedly come loose from where they are mounted. They are essential inexpensive safety equipment. You should always use a safety cable when you are rigging any lighting fixtures from the ceiling such as a pipe grid. You can also use one if you are rigging a light on a boom and secure it to the boom itself with the help of a Convi Clamp as you will see in the video.

30" Safety Cable - 1/8" Diameter(KG060912)

30″ Safety Cable – 1/8″ Diameter (KG060912)

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Not only do they protect your talent and production crew that may be right underneath a hot lighting fixture or strobe by chance if it comes crashing down, but as a bonus, it also gives you peace of mind.

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