Gripopedia – Kill the Blond and Strike the Redhead

Before you call the cops or think that I’d kill blondes and cause harm to redheads, let me explain what these terms mean in the context of lighting.

Kill:To kill is to turn off a light fixture or “kill the power” to that particular light fixture.

Strike: This term is has two meanings on a film set.

1. It is used when something is to be dismantled or removed from set. When they say, “Strike the set”, they mean to clear the set taken from the Middle English term striken “to cross out”

2. It is also used when turning on a lighting fixture taken from the term “strike a match” to create light. Some lighting fixtures don’t have “hot restrike” capability such as HMI’s with magnetic ballasts. This means that you have to wait for them to cool down completely before you are able to power them up again.

Redhead: This is the slang term used to describe an open faced (no lens) 0.65 – 1K (650 – 1000 Watt) lighting fixture.

Redhead 1K Open Faced Lighting Fixture

Redhead 0.65K – 1.0K Open Face

Blond: This is the slang term used to describe an open faced (no lens) 2K (2000 Watt) lighting fixture.

Blonde 2K Open Face

Blonde 2K Open Face

They get their names because of the color of their housings. A redhead is usually a bright orange red color and a blonde, you guessed it, is yellow in color. They have been manufactured by many different lighting companies over the years such as Photon Beard and Ianiro.

So the only result from killing a blonde or redhead is actually saving electricity!

Both Mole-Richardson and Arri have their equivalents of the 0.65K-1K and 2K open face lighting fixtures. But in Mole-Richardson’s case they are both their signature red color. In Arri’s case they are both their signature blue color.