Gripopedia – Hi-Hat

A Hi Hat is a camera mount that get’s you as close as possible to the ground for low shooting angles. There are many versions available from cast-iron with fixed legs to more of a mini-tripod style without the traditional center column. They are available with many different camera mounts from a flat plate to a bowl adapter to mount different types of tripod heads. If low is the way you like to go, then this shortie will probably be your best friend! 

Induro Dual Range Hi-Hat

Induro Dual Range Hi-Hat

 The Induro Dual Range Hi-Hat happens to be one of my favorites. As opposed to cast iron hi-hats that are fixed, the ability to adjust the leg length, gives this hi-hat a ton of flexibility. 

O'Connor Cast Iron Hi-Hat

O’Connor Cast Iron Hi-Hat

As you can see, this is a bit more limited when it comes to functionality. Next time you find yourself trying to manhandle your tripod into a low shooting angle, you may want to consider picking up a hi hat!

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