Kit Stands – Low Mini Kit Stand


Are you tired of stands that are just a bit too tall for your purposes? This provides the perfect solution for background lights so that you can easily hide behind your subject.  It’s ideal for mounting any light fixture or accessory close to the ground. It takes up almost no space in your grip bag so it’s your perfect ultra compact travel companion for location shoots. Just like the Midi Pro and Universal Kit Stands, this stand features all metal locking collars and twin leg braces for additional support.  Assembled with nuts and bolts as opposed to rivets, giving the user a solid light stand that could easily be self-serviced as well as tension adjusted to the user’s preferences. The mounting stud is attached with two cross pins at right angles to prevent any movement whatsoever. This stand comes equipped with the 3/8″-16 F to 1/4″-20 M Adapter (KG003912).

Low Mini Kit STand (KS041211)

Low Mini Kit Stand (KS041211)


Technical specifications for the Low Mini Kit Stand