Happy Thanksgiving!

As we come to yet another Thanksgiving feast, we are reminded of how much our friends and families mean to us and we reflect on all the things that we are grateful for. We would like to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to our extended family, all the image makers out there who have chosen Kupo Grip for the ultimate in support to realize their artistic goals.  

So before diving into that huge delicious meal that will require you to open the top button of your jeans so you can breathe properly, spending quality time with loved ones who traveled far and wide to celebrate this festive day together, watching the game on the tube and winning that bet you placed with that one crazy uncle that shows up every year, and of course a well deserved nap afterwards, from our grip equipped family to yours . . . 

Happy Thanksgiving from Kupo Grip

We would like to wish you a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. 

Kupo Grip – Never Let Go!


Personal Gear Guru – Giles

Hey Everybody,

Welcome to our first official post for our Personal Gear Guru Service! This is the first step in a long but exciting journey of gear and photo knowledge! Besides my years of retail experience selling this gear and of course using it as a professional photographer, back in my assisting days and up to this very day, I am fortunate enough to learn from some very skilled image makers, and frankly there isn’t a day that goes by that I probably don’t learn something new. Technology and gear are constantly changing, and even though I’ve been at this coming on three decades now, the sobering fact is that there is always more I don’t know than I actually do. Even though my friends call me “Quiz Show” because I generally have an answer for everything, if I ever come to a question that I can’t answer on my own, I mean WHEN that happens, I’ll seek out the answer for you and we’ll both learn at the same time! So bring on your questions and let’s have some fun!

This question was sent to me by Giles on 09.25.12.


Why is there one long bolt on one of the junior roller legs? Read more


Kit Stands – Low Mini Kit Stand


Are you tired of stands that are just a bit too tall for your purposes? This provides the perfect solution for background lights so that you can easily hide behind your subject.  It’s ideal for mounting any light fixture or accessory close to the ground. It takes up almost no space in your grip bag so it’s your perfect ultra compact travel companion for location shoots. Just like the Midi Pro and Universal Kit Stands, this stand features all metal locking collars and twin leg braces for additional support.  Assembled with nuts and bolts as opposed to rivets, giving the user a solid light stand that could easily be self-serviced as well as tension adjusted to the user’s preferences. The mounting stud is attached with two cross pins at right angles to prevent any movement whatsoever. This stand comes equipped with the 3/8″-16 F to 1/4″-20 M Adapter (KG003912).

Low Mini Kit STand (KS041211)

Low Mini Kit Stand (KS041211)


Technical specifications for the Low Mini Kit Stand


Ask Jason – Your Personal Gear Guru – At Your Service

Have you ever . . . .

Needed to support lighting or cameras in a certain way but wasn’t sure how to go about it?
Wanted to re-create an image but didn’t know how it was lit?
Wanted to buy a camera system, but needed some advice?
Needed to equip your studio with the right gear?
Had a gear budget but still needed professional results?
Just started photography and didn’t know where to begin?
Struggled over which lighting to buy? Continuous or flash?
Needed to know which light modifier would be perfect for your needs?

Well, I’m here to help you with all these questions and more!

Our Personal Gear Guru Service is here to assist you at no charge! All you have to do is ask us a question and I’ll get back to you with an answer. 

Please fill out the form below, and if need be you can also attach an image to help illustrate your point.

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Jason Friedman is a professional photographer with over 20 years experience concentrating on fashion and beauty photography. He specializes in lighting for both studio and location, using both strobes and continuous lighting sources. Over the past couple of years, due to the hybridization of the DSLR in respect to film making, he has become passionate about the moving image and has embraced the new technology with open arms. Previously employed at B&H Photo Video Pro-Audio, Jason worked in several positions, including manager of the lighting department, professional photo sales, and marketing. He loves to teach and has taught seminars in subjects ranging from photography, lighting, and DSLR video, and he has taught Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom aboard the National Geographic Explorer for Lindblad Expeditions. Currently Jason is the Product Marketing Manager of Kupo Grip USA. He is a native of New York City and currently resides there.