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I’d like to introduce you to David Lloyd. Not just an incredible photographer, but a true lighting master and off-camera flash evangelist. His professional career started as an electronics engineer working for the Vivitar Corporation. Now unless you are a from generation y or z, or you are new to the game, you know how much impact the Vivitar 283 and Vivitar 285HV had in illuminating the world of photography! For all you newbies, just like Xerox is to the copier, Vivitar is to the off-camera flash! David is not only a lighting guru for still photography, but David has also worked as a gaffer for NBC in Burbank.

Here’s what David had to say about Kupo:

“As a professional photographer and lighting instructor, I look for reliability, strength and performance when selecting components for my lighting gear. Having recently discovered Kupo, I have found it to be a wonderful and quality alternative for all my Lighting Stand needs. Rugged and conceptually new design implementation, make for a confident choice, when building or augmenting a lighting support system. I find Kupo, to be the confident choice.”



Anybody in the Mesa, AZ area has an opportunity to attend an incredible workshop on off-camera flash with lighting master David Lloyd. Register for David’s upcoming workshop: Learn 1940’s Style Hollywood Glamour Lighting!

Here’s a sample of what you’ll learn:

40’s Style Lighting Workshop


Lighting Workshop Invite

Through the Photographic Canvas of Classic WWII Aircraft and models styled for 40’s Hollywood, we will explore Hollywood 40’s Lighting at the Arizona Wing Commemorative Air Force Air Museum at Falcon Field.

This promises to be a very instructive and memorable event. So if you are interested in learning creative lighting techniques with Speed Lights, this is the workshop for you!

Register Today: http://40s-lighting-workshop.eventbrite.com/

David Lloyd


David Lloyd – Certified Professional Photographer
David began his professional photography career in 1975 as an Electronics Engineer in New Product Design at the Vivitar Corp., where he designed Electronic Flash and Color Darkroom equipment. While at Vivitar, David was awarded the Crystal Eagle for outstanding achievement in New Product Design and holds a US Patent in Electronic Flash.
David studied Photography at Art Center, College of Design in Pasadena and West Coast School of Photography at the University of San Diego. David’s career in Electronics also included the design of high speed motion picture cameras at Photosonics and a long tenure in Aerospace design with Teledyne, Librascope, Litton and Lockheed Martin.
After a two year Military assignment in Okinawa, Japan, David worked as a Lighting Gaffer at NBC in Burbanc, CA where he began his fascination with the character of light and the photographic image. Inspired by his Uncle, Julian B. Ely, Staff Photographer of Stars and Stripes Newspaper in the Pacific Rim, during WWII, David’s interest and evolvement in photography has continually grown.
David resumed his career as a professional photographer in 1997 in the Central Coast of California, photographing Weddings, High School Seniors and Family Portraiture. David also taught Digital Photography and Digital Workflow at Colleges in California and most recently at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona.
David is a long time member of the Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Professional Photographers of California and a recent member of AZPPA, since 2008. David has received several Meriting Prints from WPPI and Gold Coast PPA.
Though the association and encouragement with members of AZPPA, David studied for and was awarded the title of Certified Professional Photographer.

For more information about David, here’s his contact info.

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Kit Stands – Handy Stand

Continuing with our Lightweight Kit Stand series, I’d like to introduce you to “The Perfect Travel Companion”, the Handy Stand.

Handy Stand

The Handy Stand is extremely lightweight and folds down super compact (under 20″!), yet opens to a respectable maximum height (7’3″). This stand is ideal to fit in any standard size suitcase for travel and a natural choice for building a compact travel lighting kit with small lighting fixtures. This is especially popular with the off-camera flash crowd. All you need is a couple of these babies with your off-camera flashes, an umbrella bracket or two and you can create studio quality lighting anywhere in a compact, easy to carry lighting kit!

Handy Stand (KS041011)


Handy Stand Folded

Technical specifications for the Handy Stand.

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