Kit Stands – Baby Kit Stand


This stand may be called a baby, but don’t let its name fool you! It is the “Top Shelf” version of the Universal Stand (KS140811) built for professionals without compromise, yet at an affordable price. In addition to all the quality details that makes Kupo stand out from other brands, this stand has the mounting stud welded directly to the top riser increasing it’s strength and durability, all metal Kupo knobs, not to mention a nice sleek look.

Baby Kit Stand (KS140511)

Baby Kit Stand (KS140511)


KS140511 Stud Detail

Baby Kit Welded Stud

The baby mounting stud is welded directly to the top riser section providing maximum strength and durability to the Baby Kit Stand.

Baby Kit Stand (KS140511) Knob Detail

Baby Kit Metal “Kupo” Knobs

You won’t find any plastic knobs on this light stand. Each brake casting features a branded “Kupo” solid aluminum knob which won’t brake during transport. When it comes to the ultimate in kit stands, the Baby Kit leads by example.

If you are are using a large softbox or other unwieldy accessory and you would like to position it easily in the studio without having to manhandle it, there are accessory casters available to help you move it effortlessly. See technical specifications below for more details.


Minimum Operating Height: 49.50 in / 125.73 cm
Maximum Operating Height: 151.60 in / 385 cm
Weight: 5.07 lb / 2.30 kg
Maximum Load: 19.80 lb / 9 kg
Closed Length: 42.13 in / 107 cm
Footprint Diameter: 43.31 in / 110 cm
Accessories: KS940322