Michael Taylor – Kupo Pro

I am proud to introduce to you to Michael Taylor, one of our professional Kupo shooters. As you know, it is you, the users of our equipment, professionals, beginners and everyone in between, that provide us with feedback to help us design the best grip equipment, period! Michael was kind enough to share some of his thoughts about Kupo Grip. Let’s see what he has to say.

“I am amazed that I have worked for almost thirty years and I didn’t work with such great gear. I was so concerned with the lights and cameras. I didn’t realize using the right stands and grip gear could make life so easy. This Kupo gear is beautiful.”

Michael Taylor


In addition to his work as an award winning photographer, Michael Taylor is a past president of the Professional Photographers of America (a 23,000 member association), has been a Kodak mentor for over 20 years, and has given over 400 domestic seminars including 30 international speaking engagements in Japan, Philippines, Korea, England, Canada, Mexico and Italy.



Handy, Midi Pro & C-Stand Risers with Runway Base

C-Stand Riser Sections with Runway Bases with Umbrellas


Michael’s commercial clients include Eastman Kodak, Epson, Profoto, and Mamiya. His distinguished portfolio of work includes portraiture of Gerald Ford, Marlo Thomas, Carol Channing, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Orel Hershiser.

To see more of Michael’s work or to find out more information, visit his website.

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