Small Kupole - Black (KD102411)

 The Kupole is the center of an entire support system consisting of spring loaded, telescoping 2-section aluminum poles. The unique spring locking expansion system locks the Kupole between the ceiling and the floor, or two walls resulting in a quick, non-permanent mounting solution that only has a footprint of two inches in diameter! This unique product allows you to setup collapsible rigging, background support systems, lights, accessories, shelving, etc. The Kupole is an extremely versatile support and only takes a moment to set-up without the necessity of tools, all with the simple flip of a handle.  


Kupoles Product Video from Kupo Grip on Vimeo.


Whether you have limited space in your apartment and you’d like to set up some lighting, backgrounds, shelving for storage or pretty much anything you can imagine, check out the Kupole system and see how it can make your life easier!

Free Standing with Tripod Bases and Triple Paper Drives

Free Standing with Tripod Bases and Triple Paper Drives

Visit the product page for more information and specifications on the Kupoles and all related accessories. 


Kit Stands – Midi Pro & Universal


The Midi Pro and Universal are not your average lightweight kit stands. Kupo delivers the goods when it comes to quality. From the all metal locking collars, to the twin leg braces for additional support. Assembled with nuts and bolts as opposed to rivets, giving the user a solid light stand that could easily be self-serviced as well as tension adjusted to the user’s preferences. The mounting stud is attached with two cross pins at right angles to prevent any movement whatsoever. All these details will keep you shooting long after lesser stands have given up the ghost. Both the Midi Pro and Universal Stands are available with Air Cushioning.


The Air Cushion feature is the product of precision manufacturing so that the risers are supported with a cushion of air, slowly letting the risers come down at a very slow pace, so as not to damage your lighting equipment. This is a great safety feature for your lighting gear as well as your fingers!


MIdi Pro Stand (KS040411)
Midi Pro Stand – Air Cushioned (KS040511)



Universal Stand (KS140811)
Universal Stand – Air Cushtioned (KS140911)



Brass Stud with 3/8″-16 Thread
Double Pin Mounted


Nut & Bolt Construction


Metal Locking Collars


Double Leg Braces


Technical specifications for the Midi Pro Stands

Technical specifications for the Universal Stands