The Power of Lighting for the Digital Image Workshop

Would you like to learn incredible lighting first hand from an award winning Director of Photography and Lighting Designer with decades of experience? Well let me introduce to you an outstanding image maker, lighting evangelist and teacher Bill Holshevnikoff.  Whether you are a photographer, videographer or cinematographer, in his workshop, The Power of Lighting for the Digital Image, Bill will share with you his incredibly deep well of knowledge that he has gained through years of experience.

Lighting is the single most important element in imaging. Yes we can talk about the camera, recording format, bit depth, sensor size, quality of optics, etc., but without good lighting, the rest becomes irrelevant. Without light, an image doesn’t exist, period. You don’t have to spend a ton of money on lighting gear to get incredible results. As you will learn in Bill’s workshop, you will gain a whole new understanding of how light works. This knowledge will be the foundation of creating beautiful images throughout your career.

No matter what level you are in in your imaging career, from total newbie to advanced professional, Bill can help you learn new lighting techniques or refine some of your old ones. As you will see in his bio, Bill has worked with most major television networks spanning the globe, helping them with their lighting design. Just imagine how he can help you with your lighting requirements!

The Power of Lighting for the Digital Image - Bill Holshevnikoff

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I can tell you first hand from my experience taking an Advanced Lighting for Cinematography course at Maine Media Workshops, that Bill is an incredible teacher. Not only does he have a unique way of simplifying lighting education, but he also is very open and approachable.  You will leave this workshop with a new toolbox of lighting techniques and knowledge.

Bill will be covering many cities for his The Power of Lighting for the Digital Image Workshop tour. For all you in the San Francisco/San Jose area, register today for an incredible experience learning from one of lighting’s best! For those in different areas around the country, be sure to check his website for more information on the other cities or to find out more about the man behind the workshop.