Kit Stands – Baby Kit


In the next series of posts, I’m going to cover our kit stands. These are the lightest weight stands within Kupo’s product line. They are made from aircraft grade aluminum and can support loads up to nearly 20 lbs. They range in sizes from just a few inches to over 13 feet. Due to their small size and weight, they are easy to transport and perfect for that lightweight lighting kit you carry on location.


This stand may be called a baby, but don’t let its name fool you! It is the “Top Shelf” version of the Universal Stand (KS140811) built for professionals without compromise, yet at an affordable price. In addition to all the quality details that makes Kupo stand out from other brands, this stand has the mounting stud welded directly to the top riser increasing it’s strength and durability, all metal Kupo knobs, not to mention a nice sleek look.

Baby Kit Stand (KS140511)


Welded Stud and Kupo Metal Knob Detail

Technical specifications for the Baby Kit Stand.

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