Ten Ways Kupo Grip Will Rock Your Production

Kupo Grip is an innovative grip company with unparalleled quality that has something for everyone. Whether you are a photographer using just off camera flash and want a quick and convenient way to rig your flashes, or your a cinematographer with a cast and crew so big you can’t remember everybody’s name, Kupo has a piece of gear that will offer you tons of flexibility and make your productions faster and easier. Let’s take a quick look at ten ways it can help you with your production.


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Kupo C-Stands with Turtle Base


Kwik Collar Detail

Kwik Collar in Action!


The Kupo Master C Stand with Turtle Base features a unique innovation in the world of C Stands that enables the still or moving image-maker of any skill level to open and collapse the legs of the base in under a second! The Master C Stand is outfitted with a patented spring ring locking system that removes all tension from the legs so that gravity can do the work for you. A “turtle base” is an industry term where the riser section can be quickly removed from the base for easy transportation and the base can be used with a stand adapter for a low mounting position.

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The Kupo Master C-Stands are available in three sizes, (20″, 30″ & 40″) both in silver chrome plate or matte black powder coat. Also available in 20″ or 40″ kits complete with a 2 1/2″ Grip Head and 40″ Grip Arm.


Kupo just introduced an exciting innovation in grip arm design. At the end of our 40″ grip arm, you will find a baby hex pin with six milled flat surfaces. So now you can mount your light fixtures or accessories on the end of your grip arm like a mini boom and they won’t rotate due to the set-screw of that fixture or accessory, locking onto one of the sides of the hex pin.

40" Hex Grip Arm in Action

40″ Hex Grip Arm Supporting a 1K Fresnel


Hex Pin Detail

Hex Pin Detail

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 The Convi Clamp is more than just an amazing clamp, it’s the foundation of an entire grip system. It features a hexagonal receiver that accepts dozens of Convi accessories from a simple stud to the versatile Max Arm to mount almost any light fixture, camera or accessory. The hex receiver features a spring locking safety system to ensure that the Convi accessory won’t separate from the clamp if the locking screw loosens unexpectedly. It also comes with a saddle to securely mount it on flat surfaces.

Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle

Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle


Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle, Baby Snap-In Hex Pin & Profoto Head

Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle, Baby Snap-In Hex Pin & Profoto Head


While there may be other manufacturers with a similar style of clamp, Kupo’s Convi Clamp has some distinct advantages. Here are some of the reasons that make our Convi Clamps stand above the crowd:

  • The all-metal Convi Clamp is made from a strong lightweight alloy.
  • The Convi Clamps are certified with a TÜV Rheinland safety rating up to 44 lbs (20 Kg) making it 25% stronger than the competition.
  • All three Convi Clamp styles come clad in a silver alloy or stealthy black powder coated finish.
  • The Adjustable Handle model’s handle can be quickly repositioned when in tight spaces.

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Kupo Max Arm with Adjustable Handle (KG100211)

Max Arm with Adjustable Handle (KG100211)


Max Arm with Big Hand Wheel (KG100911)

Max Arm with Big Hand Wheel (KG100911)

The Max Arm is an adjustable arm that allows you to position a camera, lighting fixture or accessory in any position within seconds!

The two 5/8″ (16mm) studs at either end are attached to ball joints that rotate 360 degrees, plus a cut-out in the sleeve surrounding the ball allows the stud to be bent 90 degrees. One stud is tapped to receive a 3/8″-16 thread, while the other is tapped to receive a 1/4″-20 thread. Each stud has six milled flat surfaces, so whatever you mount on the Max Arm will not rotate. The central elbow rotates 360 degrees for infinite adjustability.

The Max Arm is equipped with user-replaceable special friction discs with anti-slip rosettes prevent unwanted movement. You have the choice between two models, one with a ratcheting adjustment handle and the other has large rubberized hand wheel. They both slowly increase tension until all three joints lock at once making precise positioning a breeze.

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Kupo Grip Arm Support (KG200912)

Grip Arm Support (KG200912)

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Generally when you extend a large accessory such a flag or light fixture laterally past the center column of a C stand, the increased leverage may be too much for the grip head to bear. In the old days you could rectify this situation using another C stand as an additional support, or a combination of clamps, grip heads and grip arms.

Today Kupo has developed an innovative solution that rapidly mounts between both the riser section of a Master C Stand with help of either a Kupo 3 or 4 Way Clamp, and to a grip arm with the help of the included Kupo Tiny clamp already mounted on the other side of the Grip Arm Support. The Grip Arm Support has a built in ball joint that rotates 360 degrees for infinite flexibility and extends from 22 Œï_ 30.7″ (56 Œï_ 78cm). With the addition of the Grip Arm Support, the load capacity at the end of your grip arm is greatly increased.

Grip Arm Support

6 – 3 & 4 WAY CLAMPS

Kupo Grip - 3-Way Clamp (KG900412) - Never Let Go!

3-Way Clamp (KG900412)


Kupo Grip -  4-Way Clamp (KG900712) - Never Let Go

4-Way Clamp (KG900712)

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The 3 Way Clamp is another ingenious Kupo innovation. This all metal cast aluminum clamp features a unique spring locking mechanism that allows you to instantly latch and release the locking collar around any tubing sized from 1.0 Œï_ 1.4″ (25 Œï_ 35mm) in diameter. Just a quick turn of the tension handle to secure it in place and your ready to mount any light fixture or accessory up to 66 lbs (30 Kg) to light stands, scaffolds or Kupoles in a snap! The 3 Way Clamp has three recessed mounting locations distributed in 90 degree increments in to accept a series of interchangeable accessories.

The 4 Way Clamp is identical except it has four recessed mounting locations and can accept a larger tube diameter between 1.4″ – 2.0″ (35-50mm).


4" Super Viser Clamp with Profoto Pro Head (KG601512)

4″ Super Viser Clamp with Profoto Pro Head (KG601512)


Kupo Grip - 4" Super Viser Clamp (KG601512) - Never Let Go!

4″ Super Viser Clamp (KG601512)


Kupo Grip - 9" Super Viser Clamp (KG601512) - Never Let Go!

9″ Super Viser Clamp (KG601512)

Fashioned after the famous Cardellini Clamp, the 4″ Super Viser is an extremely strong and versatile clamp. It can mount securely onto round and square objects, or just about any unique shape up to 2.5″ (6.4 cm) in diameter. The jaw position remains fixed on one side of the clamp, enabling it to be mounted where limited space is available. The specially formulated grip pad provides a strong grip, yet protects the surface it’s clamped around. Besides the built-in baby pin, another Kupo innovation outfits this clamp with a hexagonal receiver that accepts the full compliment of Convi Clamp accessories. Another advantage of this clamp is has a chamfered slot running down the back of the main bolt. This keeps the jaws from rotating freely, around the threaded central bolt, maintaining their locations so you can easily mount the clamp with one hand. These clamps boasts an impressive load capacity of 66.1 lbs (30 Kg) and comes in a silver aluminum finish.

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Kupo Grip - Off Camera Flash Alli Clamp (KG302511) - Never Let Go!

Off Camera Flash Alli Clamp (KG302511)


Kupo Grip - Off Camera Flash Alli Clamp (KG302511) - Never Let Go!

Off Camera Flash Alli Clamp Clamped to Table Top.

The Off Camera Flash Alli Clamp is an incredibly handy accessory that consists of an Alli Clamp with a mini ball head and cold shoe enabling the user to mount and position an on-camera flash virtually anywhere in seconds! The Off Camera Alli clamp can be mounted on both round objects such as the riser sections on your light stands as well as flat mounted objects such as a table, door or the back of a chair.

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Off Camera Flash Alli Clamp


Kupo Grip - C-Stand Tops with Brake Castings

C Stand Tops with Brake Castings

 All Kupo, products have been painstakingly machined to give you incredible strength you can count on and long lasting durability in harsh production environments. So durable in fact, that they create a history of their own, and of course, safety to the experience giving some peace of mind, all backed by an unprecedented five year warranty. Don’t take my word for it, head to your local dealer, and grab one of our 2.5″ Grip Heads and compare it to the competition. Feel it in your hands, see it with your eyes, there is no better judge than experiencing Kupo Grip first hand!

When it comes to your vision and your grip equipment, we like to say at Kupo Grip: Never Let Go!


The Famous Kupo Turtle Base

The Famous Kupo Turtle Base

Kupo has forged its own path in the world of grip by crafting innovative tools with unparalleled quality sought after and guided by industry professionals worldwide. Offering unique products such as the game changing Master C-Stand with Turtle Base, The Grip Arm Support, 3 & 4 Way Clamp system and the Hex Grip Arm to name a few.

The success of Kupo Grip is a result of the commitment to those who work behind the scenes in motion pictures, television and photography. We consider you, the image – maker, an integral partner in our innovative process. We greatly value your experience and carefully listen to your needs and desires to create better tools to help you do your job with greater ease and efficiency.