Chris Garrison – Kupo Pro

Some photographers do most of their work in a studio in a tranquil controlled environment. They have an elaborate set built, their lighting just so and perhaps an espresso in hand to keep them at the edge of their creativity. But what happens when your subjects are extreme athletes flying down a mountain on a snowboard, or screaming across the water, being pulled by multi-engined watercraft, performing moves that make gravity itself stop and take notice? Chris Garrison would be the man to ask as this is how he makes his living shooting extreme athletes in their natural environment.

When I caught up with Chris, he had a few things to say about Kupo grip equipment:

“Kupo grip equipment and their C-Stands allow me to confidently place flashes in areas that may be prone to impact or high wind. I have yet to see any of the Max Arms move out of position or C-Stands fall due to heavy wind, even while placed on high speed boats!”

“The 3 Way Clamps makes it very easy for me to attach multiple flashes to a single light stand. I am constantly shooting athletes over long distances where I need 2 to 4 flashes. It is unreal to be able to attach them all securely to one C-Stand.”

“I love Kupo Grip’s unique C-Stand Turtle Bases. They make it super convenient and very fast to set up and break down. Weather can move in very fast when shooting outdoors. The fact that I can pick up the C-stand and pull up the locking mechanism and walk as it collapses the legs automatically is invaluable.”

Chris Garrison


Chris Garrison is an action sports commercial photographer based in Orlando, Florida. He splits his year between shooting snow and water sports. Mostly known for always using large flashes for every photo he takes, Chris has been pushing the limits of flash photography and is steadily leaving his mark in all types of industries. Chris is a former athlete and knows what it takes to get what he wants. In the winter he can be found hiking and sledding up mountains with 200 lbs of photo and flash gear. In the summer you will find him on the water with boats, skis, and anything that will float to hold a flash in tow. Chris takes a lot of pride on bringing in a commercial like look to action sports lighting. He will do what ever it takes to get the flashes to where they need to be in the morning, sunset, night and even midday. Working for large clients such as RedBull, ESPN, The Bonnier Corporation, Kicker, Ronix, and many more; you will be sure to see him pushing photography almost daily.



To see more of Chris’s photography or to find out more about him, visit his website.