Gripopedia – Pigeon

Normally when you think about a pigeon, something like this fine feathered friend crosses your mind:


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3" Baby Plate (KG003512)

3″ Baby Plate (KG003512)

But in the world of grip, a pigeon, or pigeon plate is a classic grip tool for super low mounting of your lighting and accessories. Typically it is a baby plate mounted to a larger stable platform such as a piece of wood or metal.

Check out the 3″ Baby Plate video and you’ll see me make a Pigeon.  

Wall Plate with Baby 5/8″ Stud – 3″ Long from Kupo Grip on Vimeo.

When it comes to a pigeon, a “bird’s eye view”doesn’t apply, that is unless that bird happens to be perched just a few inches from the ground! So grab a few pieces of wood and baby plates and and make yourself some today!