Personal Gear Guru – Tom C.

This question was sent to me via our free Personal Gear Guru service by Tom, asking about stand and boom options for his 7′ Profoto Giant Umbrella. 

Q:  TOM C.

I would like to “boom” a 7′ Profoto Umbrella on casters so that the center of the umbrella would be at a height of 8 feet from the floor. The center of the umbrella would need to be about 5 feet out from the stand measured horizontally.

Can you recommend a Kupo product/products for my application?

Thanks in advance.


Hey Tom,
The stand I’d recommend would be the High Roller (KS300112)
It will be plenty strong (88 lb. capacity) to hold the light, modifier and the 7B clamped to the riser section. 
I do have a simple alternative that may work for you. You can use a Junior offset arm which is about 18″ in length. That will be enough to get you enough lateral separation from the stand so you can locate the light directly above your lens for flat lighting such as Butterfly or Clamshell lighting. The male junior pin would go into the junior receiver in the High Roller Stand’s Combo Head and use a Stand Adapter (KG006312) to mount the umbrella clamp. 
The other advantage of this is that you’d need no counter weights to balance your load. 
For a larger Boom, Matthew’s and Avenger make junior booms if you’d prefer to go that route. 
Of course, you could always use multiple stands, rig a crossbar across the two and then mount your Giant in the center. It will be super secure, but equipment intensive and more expensive. If this option interests you, I’d recommend the following gear. 
2 X Junior Roller Stands
2 X Convi Clamp with Adjustable Handle to attach the cross bar. 
1 X Aluminum Core as a crossbar
1 X 4″ Super Viser Clamp to mount the umbrella.
If you have any other questions, just let me know.


You’re the best! That Junior Offset Arm is perfect! I just need to have enough room to shoot directly under the light with the umbrella and this affords me more than enough space.
Tom C.