Photographer, Meet Grip Gear . . . Grip Gear, Meet Photographer

There has always been a cross over between equipment used by filmmakers and equipment used by photographers. In reality, filmmaking is photography at 24 fps. Each still frame created by a cinematographer is identical to that of a still photographer except he is adding to his story telling with movement of his subjects and camera. After all, the filmmaker in charge of the camera and lighting crews responsible for making artistic and technical decisions related to the image is called the DP, or Director of Photography. I think I’ll let that title speak for itself.

When it comes to rigging cameras and lighting, the same tools are used by both disciplines. Of course each industry has specialized tools for their craft such as strobes for still photography and dollies for smooth camera movements in cinematography, but the huge variety of gear that filmmakers have been using for decades such as clamps, adapters, stands, light control, booms and arms are found in professional photography studios worldwide.

Especially now, with the hybridization of the DSLR and its amazing video capabilities, investing in grip equipment that can easily serve both purposes is an obvious choice for the imaging professional. Another advantage of purchasing grip equipment is that it known for its incredible flexibility, strength and durability.

To show you how flexible grip equipment can be, with one C Stand Kit that consists of a C Stand, Grip Arm and Grip Head, one can use it in hundreds of different ways. Here are a couple of ideas just to name a few!

Kupo Master C Stands with Turtle Base Kits

Kupo Master C Stands with Turtle Base, 2-1/2" Grip Head & Grip Arm

  • Boom
  • Background Stand
  • Light Stand
  • Reflector Holder
  • Gel Holder
  • Flag Holder
  • Camera Support

As far as strength is concerned, grip equipment is built to endure the intense demands of film production. From rigging cameras that cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars onto speeding vehicles, to rigging incredibly heavy, burning hot lights above the heads of your talent, you have to be able to depend on your grip equipment.

When it comes to durability, Kupo has an unprecedented five-year warranty. We stand behind our equipment and want our gear to last long enough to have its own history, just like the images and films that it helps to create.

Kupo Grip – Never Let Go!