Baby Wall Plates

The Kupo Baby Wall Plates allow you to mount a baby 5/8” (16mm) stud anywhere on a wall, other flat surface or just about anywhere. This plate gives you the option of semi-permanent attachment by screwing or nailing the base plate through any of the 8 anchor points drilled into the plate.  Attached to a wood or metal base, they make great free-standing floor mounts, also known as “pigeon” plates, or positioned anywhere clamped between the discs of a grip head. This adapter comes in a chrome plated steel finish.

Standard Baby Plates

Our standard Baby Wall Plates come with baby studs in three different lengths, 3″, 6″ & 9″ depending upon how much distance you want from where it’s mounted.

3" Baby Wall Plate (KG003512)

3″ Baby Wall Plate (KG003512)


6" Baby Plate (KG008212)

6″ Baby Plate (KG008212)


9" Baby Plate (KG008112)

9″ Baby Plate (KG008112)

Right Angle Baby Wall Plate

The Right Angle Baby Plate is a 6″ Baby Plate with a bend placing the stud vertically as opposed to horizontally. This places the yoke under the light fixture as it would be when mounting upon a light stand and gives you a bit more flexibility in terms of how the fixture is angled.

Right Angle Baby Plate (KG008012)

Right Angle Baby Plate (KG008012)


Baby Wall Plate with EZ Grip Finger

Sometimes you need to cheat the angle of your light fixture or accessory towards a certain direction. That’s precisely what the Baby Plate with EZ Grip Finger allows you to do. With a large solid steel, ball and socket joint and clamping handle, you can quickly reposition your light fixture or accessory wherever you choose and tighten the handle down to lock it firmly into position.


Baby Plate with EZ Grip Finger (KG301012)

Baby Plate with EZ Grip Finger (KG301012)


Check out the video below to see how it is used as a pigeon plate as well as some other applications for such a handy piece of grip equipment.

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