Steel Baby Boom

A boom is an essential tool for positioning a light fixture either directly above the photographer, videographer or cinematographer to create a beautiful flat light, or positioned above the subject acting as a hair light, etc. This all metal, steel construction boom features an “ear” that is designed to fit between the plates of a grip head. It comes equipped with a built in hook at the tail end for adding sandbags for counter-weight. This boom extends from 3.8 – 7.8’ (1.1 – 2.4m) and will support 11 lbs (5 Kg) when fully extended. The Steel Baby Boom comes in a chrome plated steel finish. 


Kupo Grip - Baby Boom in Action (KG601612) - Never Let Go!

Steel Baby Boom (KG601612)


A boom properly rigged is balanced and quite safe. Be sure to use a sandbag on the base of your stand to give you extra stability. If you have never rigged a boom before, have a friend help out until you feel that you are comfortable with the process. Remember that safety always comes first when in comes to your production!

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