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This question was sent to me via our free Personal Gear Guru service by Cesar B., asking about rigging a Nikon SB-900 flash using the included plastic stand. 



What size of a hex stud for a stand of a Nikon SB-900 flash, please?


Hey Cesar,
If you are looking to mount your flash to a clamp with a hex receiver such as a Convi Clamp, or Super Viser Clamp, and you are using the small plastic stand that comes with your SB-900 flash,, the stud you’d need would be the Camera Hex Stud 1/4″-20M, that would thread into the bottom of the plastic speedlight stand. 
In addition to the the Hex Stud, a lot of people choose the Tilting Umbrella Adapter with KG000912 & KG001112 studs, This gives you the ability to angle your flash and use an umbrella to get a large soft light source from your speedlight, as well as mount it on a light stand.
If you want something a bit stronger then the plastic base, you could always pick up the hot shoe adapter as well, which is all metal, is much stronger, and locks positively around the shoe, whereas the speedlight stand is plastic, and the flash is only pressure fit. 
I hope I answered your question. If I can help you any further, please let me know!
Jason – Your Gear Guru

Baby vs. Junior

When it comes to grip equipment, one has to be familiar with industry standard sizes and vocabulary. Whenever you want to join two pieces of equipment, you have only two main sizes to deal with: Baby & Junior. Then you have to know whether it is male or female.

A “baby” refers to any stud (male) or receiver (female) that’s 5/8″ (16mm) in diameter. This is an industry standard and all modern photographic light stands use this standard.

A “junior” refers to anything that’s 1 – 1/8″ (28mm) in diameter. The increased diameter gives this connection a higher load capacity.


Stand Adapter Illustrating Baby vs. Junior Diameters

Kupo Stand Adapter (KSG006312) – Illustrating Baby vs. Junior Diameters

The word “stud” has many definitions, however for image professionals, one is usually referring to definitions 3 & 4.

  1. A guy who is popular with the ladies.
  2. A male animal desirable for breeding.
  3. Any of various infixed pieces (as a rod or pin) projecting from a machine and serving chiefly as a support or axis.
  4. Also known as a “pin”, “spud” or “spigot”
5/8" (16mm) Pin

Kupo 4 Way Clamp (KG900712) with Baby 5/8″ (16mm) Long Stud (KG005512)

This is female counterpart that receives a stud. Generally it is a metal tube that has some type of locking screw to secure it in place. The receiver is also sometimes known as a socket.


Kupo 3" Wall Plate with Junior 1-1/8" (28mm) Socket

Kupo 3″ Wall Plate with Junior 1-1/8″ (28mm) Receiver (KG003712)

So the next time somebody asks for a “baby stud”, don’t look around for a toddler with a leather jacket, a tricked out tricycle and sunglasses.

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