Kupo is at NAB Show in Las Vegas!

2014 promises to be another exciting year for digital imaging. For attendees at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas, you will have the opportunity to meet Kupo Gear Guru Jason Friedman in-person. Feel free to pick his brain or try and stump him with your technical questions. Unlike other companies manufacturing grip equipment, Kupo has flexibility in not having to adhere to the status-quo. Kupo’s innovations include the Kwik Kollar upgrade for the traditional C-Stand that rapidly speeds up deployment and breakdown on set. So if you have any mods or hacks that you want to share, talk to our Gear Guru.

Kupo Grip will have a lot of our latest gear on display at our booth at NAB in the Central Hall,  booth 11133. Feel free to fondle and test Kupo’s gear to determine if you are ready to accept the Kupo Advantage and add our rugged and reliable gear to your own studio.


40″ Hex Grip Arm with Big Handle


Have you ever tried to use a grip arm as a mini boom by mounting a light fixture at the end of it, only to find gravity pulling it downwards because the set screw wasn’t strong to hold up its weight? We’ll now there’s a simple solution.

Kupo just introduced an exciting innovation in grip arm design. At the end of our 40″ grip arm, you will find a baby hex pin with six milled flat surfaces. So now you can mount your light fixtures or accessories on the end of your grip arm like a mini boom and they won’t rotate due to the set-screw of that fixture or accessory, locking onto one of the sides of the hex pin.

40" Grip Arm with Hex Pin - KG203711

40″ Grip Arm with Hex Pin – KG203711


Hex Pin Detail

Hex Pin Detail


Milled Flat Detail

Set-screw tightened against one of the milled flats so it won’t rotate.


40" Hex Grip Arm in Action

40″ Hex Grip Arm Supporting a 1K Fresnel.

Silver 40″ Grip Arm with Big Handle – KG203711

Black 40″ Grip Arm with Big Handle – KG203612

The 40″ Hex Grip Arm with Big Handle is a 2 1/2″ Grip Head mounted on the end of a 40″ steel bar 5/8″ (16mm) in diameter that is painstakingly machined to create a rough non-slip surface. At the end is a hex pin with six milled flats. The 40″ Hex Grip Arm is available in both machined silver and a stealthy black powder coat. Below you will find more information and technical specifications.

Length: 42.75 in / 108.59 cm
Width: 6.19 in / 15.72 cm
Height: 2.50 in / 6.35 cm
Weight: 3.04 lb / 1.38 kg