Vision Arm with Removable Hot Shoe


The New Kupo Vision Arm with Removable Hot Shoe (KG100711) is a precision crafted articulating arm is designed for holding field monitors or accessories. The two 1/4″-20 threads at either end are attached to ball joints that rotate 360 degrees, plus a cut-out in the sleeve surrounding the ball allows the thread to be bent 90 degrees. The central elbow rotates 360 degrees for infinite adjustability. In addition to the included hot shoe adapter, a 1/4″-20 barrel adapter allows you to connect the hot shoe to the 1/4″-20 thread at the end of the arm.


Vision Arm (KG100711)

This lightweight, small arm can easily fit into your gear bag. It comes in handy not only for field monitors, but also for field recorders and microphones. To adjust the arm, simply loosed the lever on the central elbow joint and then the elbow as well as the two end ball joints loosen up simultaneously, position your filed monitor where you would like it, then tighten the lever and all three joints will tighten together. The handle ratchets, so if you find yourself in tight spaces and can’t turn the handle in a complete circle, you can pull the handle out to reposition it wherever it needs to be.


Vision Arm in Action!

The Vision Arm can be threaded into any 1/4″-20 female accessory thread. Another great accessory for this arm is our tiny but mighty Pincer Clamp. The Pincer clamp has a 1/4″-20 female thread, is strong and lightweight and easy to mount around tubing such as the riser of a C-Stand to position your field monitor or recorder in close proximity to your camera at a comfortable viewing height.

Here are the specifications for the Vision Arm:

  • Length – 7.63″ (19.37cm)
  • Width – 3.50″ (8.89cm)
  • Height – 0.75″ (1.90cm)
  • Weight – 0.73 lbs (330gm)
  • Load Capacity – 11 lbs (5kg)

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