Universal Stand with Air Cushion

 The Universal Stand with Air Cushioning is not your average light stand. Kupo delivers the goods when it comes to quality. From the all metal locking collars, to the twin leg braces for additional support.  Assembled with nuts and bolts as opposed to rivets, giving the user a solid light stand that could easily be self-serviced as well as tension adjusted to the user’s preferences. The mounting stud is attached with two cross pins at right angles to prevent any movement whatsoever. All these details will keep you shooting long after lesser stands have given up the ghost.

 Air Cushioning

The Air Cushion feature is the product of precision manufacturing so that the risers are supported with a cushion of air, slowly letting the risers come down at a very slow pace, so as not to damage your lighting equipment. This is a great safety feature for your lighting gear as well as your fingers!


Universal Stand with Air Cushion - KS140911

Universal Stand with Air Cushion – KS140911


Check out the video and see the Air Cushioning in action! 

Kupo Universal Stand Air Cushion from Kupo Grip on Vimeo.

For more information and technical specifications, click here.

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