VIDEO: Why You Need Kupo

Kupo is Asia’s leading manufacturer of professional lighting stand and grip accessories for the still and video market. Kupo has established a high reputation for quality and innovation and is committed to providing the best products and accessories to filmmakers, videographers, broadcast professionals and photographers.

This short video will show you some of the innovations that make Kupo “stand” out amongst the crowd.

Kupo Grip – Never Let Go!

  • will

    i have a lot of kupo equipment, and its great. The only difficulty is getting a replacement part. I have been waiting 4 months for a wheel for a rolling stand… i can’t use this stand, and it’s kinda annoying….

  • John

    Just found out from US supplier this is NOT going to be sold in the US market. Trademark infringement. So it’s no where to be seen or sold . Forget B&H . Adorama – those guys , I got this info from Mac Group management.